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            General Manager Speech

            First of all, thank you for entering Fuyu (Zhangjiagang) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and let us create a win-win future with mutual benefit and common development on the basis of mutual trust and understanding.

            We are an innovative enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of a series of catalysts and adsorbents. Our R & D team have developed a series of specifications of catalysts and adsorbents through many years of scientific research in the faith of "purifying energy, servicing environmental protection". Our products are widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, new energy and other fields. We are able to provide tailored environmental protection solutions to meet the needs of customers. We are willing to play a role in constructing the social ecological environment with "green mountains and clean water".

            Since the establishment of the company, we adhere to the enterprise culture of "optimism, change and insistence", and our company pursues the enterprise spirit of " Never let down the trust,and only the organization will help to improve youself". Our compony follows out the concept of national environmental protection development, and is committed to helping enterprises to solve the problems of energy purification, promote the development of industrial integration, and provide customers with high quality products, reasonable solutions and excellent services.

            Well, we are down to earth; mind the world, we are ambitious. Fu Yu is writing a new poem of China's molecular sieve industry with "professionalism and enthusiasm".

            Latest News

            the 2nd conference on Treatment, Recycling and Resource Util

            the 2nd conference on Treatment, Recycling and Resource Util

            On May 22 nd of 2018, the 2 nd conference on Treatment, Recycling and Resource Utilization of Chemical Waste Salt and VOC s was successf ully held in Hangzhou by Chinese Chemical En...



            the 2nd Collaborative Innovation Forum of Zeolites

            On Sept. 14 th of 2018, the 2nd Collaborative Innovation Forum on Industrial Technology of Zeolites was successfully held in Yixing of Jiangsu Province, which was organized by Chine...



            Brief introduction of compound elm

            Friends cousin is a taxi driver. Unfortunately, the day she was abducted four powerful gangster to a desolate, remote place. Winter, night contrast of the enemy forces, critical sit...



            The fourth Shanghai international molecular sieve exhibition

            People usually see the world, it can be divided into bottom, head, looking down at three. Head is the most normal and most comfortable vision, from the bottom to the calm sense of b...

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